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Guideline for in-country reviews

A generalized version of our Review Guide. Use it as a basis for your individual guideline to optimize your review processes.

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Checking a translation can be a huge challenge for companies – when carried out by the national offices of a major international company, for example.

For this reason, expert feedback is sought on the terminology used, often from product managers or sales managers in the target markets. This is because the reviewing of translated or localized texts in the target language is often the only way for companies to create and maintain a consistent, high-quality corporate language. The feedback from this review process is also imperative for the ongoing qualitative fine-tuning of translations.

However, if this feedback is very extensive, or if it contradicts earlier opinions, processing it can have an immense secondary impact, leading to additional costs, delays, and dissatisfaction all round. This must therefore be avoided. The aim should be to make processes as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

To this end, we frequently develop customized review processes and guidelines for our customers. These help to improve the review processes in the target languages, involving internal experts in the process.

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