“Vorsprung durch Technik”
It could have been translated. Thankfully, it wasn’t

Our English translators and transcreators are still grateful to this day that they’ve never had to endure unidiomatic, forgettable lines such as ‘The technical edge’ ‘To lead by technology’ or ‘Progress through technology’. And as fans of great marketing, we’re thrilled that Audi chose to leave their slogan in German.

To see such an unapologetically German sentence in the British media is attention-grabbing, unique, smart, and provocative. It shows courage, a culture of innovation, and pride in the “Made in Germany” label. In short, it is the greatest possible sales driver. Ultimately, good marketing can be recognized by good thinking. We recognize that, too, and we love to communicate it in 40 languages. So in case you don’t retain a global advertising agency for the adaption of your multilingual marketing, give us a call.

For some, offshoring is the right approach
We prefer to focus on quality

Resisting the trend towards offshoring, Gemino has gathered all of our core competencies in one place. In our Berlin office, Project Management, DTP, Engineering and cross-language Quality Assurance work side-by-side. This enables us to respond quickly and guarantee a stable quality level.

We have in-house native speakers to help overcome the particular linguistic and cultural challenges of markets such as China and Japan, helping us communicate and solve problems at short notice across all specialist areas. The result? Your marketing retains all of its effectiveness in the target language.

We offer:

  • Translation of print and digital marketing content
  • Integration of current software tools to increase efficiency
  • Optimized workflows for all common digital content – from brochures and websites to social media and e-learning
  • Transcreation for optimal adaption of marketing content to target markets and groups
  • Organization/processing of in-country reviews to integrate your technical and product experts in the target countries

Special services:

  • Efficient workflows for updating online and offline content
  • Video localization including subtitling and voice recording
  • Localization of e-learning courses
  • Tools/processes to provide company-wide access to terminology
  • Creation of corporate language manuals and style guides

When routine approval steps turn into valuable feedback

In-country reviews can be challenging to implement in translation processes: Are we talking about changes or corrections? What specifications apply? Who should be involved? And, above all, are they really necessary? Gemino has answers to these questions and this article will demonstrate how insights can be gained even from basic, standardized reviews.

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Dynamic workflows? Yes, please
And not just because we like the way it sounds

Dynamic workflows mean exactly that. We don’t just find the single optimal workflow for your individual requirements, because when requirements change, workflows change, too. We have the structures and tools to continuously align the scope of services, quality and budget with your needs.

To do this, we constantly check all procedures and translation processes. Working with you, we can then identify any necessary adjustments. Cooperation becomes a dynamic process that leads to the best possible results in the long term.