Medical technology

You speak to doctors and patients in 40 languages.
We make sure that you’re understood as well as the technology.

In medical technology, different target languages also mean different healthcare systems, different regulatory requirements, different concepts of the “physician as entrepreneur”, and different cultures. All this must be considered, across all media. We support you in this.

We adapt our workflows to yours. The focus is on your individual requirements for the localization, documentation and communication of your products and brands. In this way, technical translations become adaptions with which you reach markets and people worldwide.

Our services for printed content

  • Preparation/optimization of master documents/content for translation
  • Translation and revision using translation memory technology
  • Transcreation of marketing content (compliant yet creative adaptation of claims, headlines, complete marketing texts, etc.)
  • Planning/processing of reviews by the client’s product experts in the target markets
  • Desktop publishing in strict compliance with corporate guidelines right through to the final document
  • Development/processing of specific workflows for content approval/release including management of the required documentation
  • Provision of an individual system for monitoring and reporting on project status, quality, and budget
  • Declarations of conformity for the target language content

Our services for digital content

  • Integration of content via CMS and PIM/MAM systems, etc.
  • Translation and revision of marketing and technical content using translation memory technology
  • Translation/localization of software products (HMI, UI, web applications, apps, etc.)
  • Translation/localization of digital media such as video, e-learning and social media content
  • Provision of an individual system for monitoring and reporting on project status, quality, and budget
  • Declarations of conformity for the target language content

Quality management
Continuously high quality

  • Certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100
  • Additional quality management,
    following the requirements of MDD, MDR, IVDR, etc.
  • Knowledge and support of the requirements of ISO 13485
  • Provision of declarations of conformity/documentation
  • Support of client audits
  • Insurance cover for personal injury and financial losses as required


Special services for the medical technology sector

  • For instructions for use (IfUs) and manuals:
    UI workflow
  • For marketing content:
    In-country reviews (processes, tools, control)
  • For documents (brochures, IfUs, manuals):
    Update workflows that save time and budget
  • Video localization
  • Localization of e-learning courses
  • Language & terminology management
  • Setup and maintenance of termbases (terminology work)
  • Creation or support for the creation of corporate language manuals and style guides
  • Tools to provide company-wide access to terminology
Whitepaper (German only)

Freigabeprozesse und Länderreviews

Viele unserer Kunden sind in ihren Unternehmen angehalten, bei der Erstellung von Dokumenten mehr oder weniger komplexe Freigabeprozesse zu befolgen. Regulatorische Anforderung kann beispielsweise sein, dass Marketingmaterialien eine dokumentierte inhaltliche Freigabe erfordern, bevor sie verwendet werden dürfen (basierend auf eigenen QM-Systemen oder aufgrund von übergeordneten Richtlinien).
Das beginnt natürlich schon im Ausgangsdokument: eine oder mehrere verantwortliche Personen geben das Dokument frei, bevor es übersetzt wird. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt ist der Inhalt also…

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