Corporate Language

A translation always begins with the source language. Generally speaking, this is one and the same as the language in which you conduct business. Ideally, it’s also your corporate language. Whether you’ve already formally defined your corporate language, or have already compiled a corporate language manual, we’d love to help...
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Gemino earns SCHEMA certification

As of December 2014, Gemino GmbH is a SCHEMA-certified translation services provider. Certification means that our customers benefit from our specialized expertise with respect to the translation interface of the SCHEMA ST4 editing system and its associated translation processes. The content covered by the certification includes, among other things: Overview of the...
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Gemino supports ELIA Exchange initiative

The translation industry is known to be a fast-paced industry. Language service providers react to globally changing processes, customer requirements, and service demands with new tools, services, and workflows. At the same time, it appears to be difficult to keep up with these developments exclusively within the framework of studies...
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