Kaffeekranz with substance

Why sitting down with stakeholders helps us drive efficiency and quality for our medical technology client Our clients expect high-quality translations. Quickly, simply and with a minimum of fuss. For many of our customers we work practically undetected in the background – simply working to make our customers’ lives easier. In contrast, we have a...
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“Hades” wasn’t going to work at all – why we should think about the target markets when coming up with product names

Admittedly, “Hades” wasn’t even among the options when we reviewed potential product names for our client. But Latin names for new products were definitely on the agenda. Baseline Our client is a machinery supplier with a high share of exports. The company assigns product names according to a standardized formula. The product names have to...
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Meet Gemino Managing Director Christian Schwendy at the tekom annual conference in Stuttgart

The tekom annual conference is a superb opportunity to talk about anything related to translation processes with Gemino Managing Director Christian Schwendy. “As an exhibitor at tekom, we have the unique opportunity to meet our clients and introduce ourselves to those who are interested in us throughout three intense days at the trade fair. In...
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Gemino is in the top 35

We belong to the top 35 largest language service providers in Western Europe. The independent market research company Common Sense Advisory has determined this in its annual global assessment of the translation market.

First Sales and Marketing Conference for Language Service Providers from 6–7 July in Geneva

The European Language Industry Association (Elia) is organizing a conference for sales and marketing professionals from 6–7 July 2017 in Geneva. The ‘ND Focus on Sales & Marketing’ is aimed at all language service provider employees in sales and marketing roles and is the first conference in the industry which covers strategically important topics in...
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Guide to your in-country review

Gemino provides you with a universal foundation as a guide for your in-country review. Frequently our clients get expert feedback regarding our translations from their in-country subsidiaries, for example from local product or marketing managers who are particularly familiar with the target markets. This feedback is important. However, the review process is always a challenge....
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