Our Services

Gemino offers three groups of services

Linguistic services

These are our classic services and cover everything to do with the translation and localization of your texts into the language(s) of your choice. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field. So you’re in good hands.

  • Creation and maintenance of glossaries in terminology databases
  • Classic translations/software localizations
    From manual workflow to largely automated processes, using cutting-edge tools and technology
  • Machine translation with post-editing
    Selection and training of MT engines, coding and terminology for MT, MT and post-editing
  • Organization and implementation of in-country reviews to involve your own experts (product managers, marketing and sales managers) in the quality assurance process
  • Desktop publishing
  • Interpreting

Analysis & planning

We can act as your forward-looking partner if you want to change or further develop your multilingual corporate communication processes. Our work is based on extensive expertise and on the professional experience we have gleaned over the years, not only from our own business activities, but also from looking closely at the processes of a wide range of companies and businesses. We will be delighted to use our expertise on your behalf, offering you the opportunity to tap into new potential.

  • Analysis of and feedback on all processes connected with multilingual content
  • Joint planning to optimize structures
  • Implementation of pilot projects to change/optimize processes

Organizational support

Why invest in additional personnel and technological infrastructures? We’ve got all you need: expertise, the personnel resources and state-of-the-art technology. Tailored to your needs and requirements, and always in line with our underlying values: transparency, openness and flexibility.

  • Company-wide terminology management (Minimal Terminology Management)
  • Organization and maintenance of translation memories (TMs)
  • Provision of requisite infrastructure for terminology management
  • Provision of requisite infrastructure for TM-supported translation
  • Provision of requisite infrastructure for internal crowdsourcing for translations


WebReview - Review in Context Simplified

For internationally operating companies having translations reviewed by employees who are not usually involved in the translation processes is an important step of quality assurance, as it allows valuable feedback by those close to the market to play a factor in the translations.

WebReview by Gemino, the browser-based application for reviewing and correcting translations in the layout, makes this important step easy: WebReview makes it possible to check translations directly in the finished PDF. Changes, additions and comments can be easily made in a standard web browser and then seamlessly forwarded to the translator teams.

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TermCloud – Your Corporate Glossary

Your employees should use the terminology defined for your company in a consistent manner. However, most terminology management systems are expensive to procure and their company-wide introduction to all employees is a laborious task.

TermCloud by Gemino is a web-based terminology database that makes it faster and easier for your employees to look up technical terminology used in your company than by using a standard dictionary. Available in all relevant languages, for any browser and anywhere. No training and installation required.

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