Christian Schwendy
Managing Director
Telephone: 030 308788 20

“Never before has change in our industry been more momentous than it is today. Gemino wants to help shape this change. I am firmly convinced that with our dedication to innovation and our versatility as a language service provider, we can open the door to a whole new world of possibilities and benefits for your company.”

Since founding the company in 1993, Christian Schwendy has been responsible for the development of Gemino, and has turned it into what it is today – an independent language service provider employing 43 full-time staff. Above all, independence means remaining flexible. And being flexible enables us to find solutions that go far beyond the translation of a single assignment, and optimize the entire translation process in your company. Our flexibility is infectious.

Christian Schwendy was a member of the Elia (European Language Industry Association) board. During this period, he was responsible for the development and industry-wide exchange of expertise in the field of language services. He played a decisive role in shaping the strategy and brand image of the organization as vice-president until 2017. Currently, he is serving on the Elia advisory council.

In his leisure time, Christian Schwendy volunteers in a German NGO (St John Ambulance) and, as a member of the board, actively supported the development of the largest regional St John Ambulance Association in Bavaria for many years.

Before entering the language service industry, Christian Schwendy studied architecture at the TU in Munich. He loves sailing, is married and has two children.