Medical technology

For your customers, work is focused around their patients. But the financial success of their practice or clinic is also a key aspect. As a provider of medical technology products and services, you provide doctors with essential support. And multilingualism, with all its medical and technical facets, is an important part of your success. This is what we keep in mind when designing translation processes for you.

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Software products

As a software manufacturer, you help shape global digitization. You need a provider who ensures that your company and services can speak the target market language. Across all media and on all channels, whether it’s a product, documentation, or marketing content. To the point, and, if necessary, in a single sentence. We can, because we do. Just as we have for 25 years.

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Other industries

Laboratory and drivetrain technology, manufacturing industry, mechanical engineering and many more – Gemino has been working in a wide range of technical industries for more than 25 years. Not just because we’re experienced in the respective areas – we create added value for our clients even when their industry is still new to us. How do we manage it? Ask us! We know how to turn multilingualism into an asset for your company, too.

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