Good language service providers don’t just think in terms of projects.
They take a broader view.

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We plan, implement, manage and organize.
And translate, of course.

As a language service provider, we can talk to you about lots of things. The price per word, for example. Or schedules. Or the number of translators. We can talk to you about translation memory software, about terminology databases and their necessary interfaces. These details are important. But Gemino offers services that go much further.

We see our translation work as part of your business processes. That means working with you to develop processes that are perfectly attuned to your company’s translation needs – short-term and long-term – then putting them into practice. As a result, we not only cater to your current translation needs, we also provide you with plenty of scope to maneuver and make decisions in the future.

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After discussing your individual situation, we’ll compile the best possible mix of services from the available linguistic and translation technology. We’ll also find you the right people – openly, and without catches. This gives you the freedom to adapt your translation processes quickly to changing conditions and requirements in the future.

We plan the whole process in detail, then implement it – tailored to your individual situation and fully in line with your corporate strategy. We also handle cross-project organization for you, such as developing a company-wide glossary, or introducing the technology you need to integrate both in-house and external teams in translation work.

But first we need to understand the context. We need to know how important multilingualism is for you and your company, and what you hope to gain at a business level from our work. As soon as we know the facts, we can translate them: into processes, results, and lots of languages.

We stay flexible because you need to stay flexible

When it comes to planning and completing your translation project, what angle should we take? Naturally, you’ll want value for money and for your deadlines to be honored. But we also align our services with the entrepreneurial perspective of our clients:


We stay flexible

When it comes to responding quickly to change, flexibility is perhaps the most important attribute in the modern, globalized age. At Gemino, our approach to translation management is your guarantee of flexibility.

We move with the times

We act as your eyes and ears, and your antennae for future trends. We deploy state-of-the-art technology to ensure your schedule, budget and efficiency levels are always up-to-date. But we don’t ask you to make long-term investments, and you can count on us to stay ahead of the curve.

We exploit synergies

Traditional distinctions between in-house and outsourced work are slowly disappearing. We’ve developed a range of ideas and solutions to link your processes with ours as efficiently as possible. For example, the shared use of infrastructures over multiple sites and companies results in new and dynamic teams and allows direct, flexible collaboration.

We act with foresight

By getting to know you and understanding your needs, we can act with foresight on your behalf. The more we know about the role of multilingualism in your company, the more proactive we can be in planning and implementing customized, long-term solutions.

How do we manage it?
By staying as flexible as we were over 25 years ago.

Gemino has been offering language services, translations and software localization services since 1993. Over the years, we’ve acquired a high level of expertise and experience in using the latest technology, as well as in organizing and managing translation services.

We have the necessary experience and resources to centralize, network, simplify and develop translation processes in your company. Using solutions that help you manage multilingual communication in a straightforward, cost-efficient way.

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Whether you choose us as sole agent for your language services or opt to incorporate other service providers, we tailor our concept and services to your company needs – not the other way around. Gemino is flexible enough to adapt to your specific processes, goals and strategies for multilingual business.

We combine state-of-the-art technology with qualified translators to keep costs as low as possible and to allow enough latitude for future changes to translation processes.

We know all the technological and conceptual resources on the market, and we know how to use them. Translation memories, machine translation, automated quality assurance, cloud technology and crowdsourcing are broader in scope, more versatile and more easily combined than ever before. We exploit all these possibilities on your behalf, tailoring our solutions to your individual needs and requirements.

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Please read below to find out how to send us your data/files or an enquiry. Naturally, if you have any special requests or urgent, unscheduled projects, please feel free to contact us at any time via email or telephone.

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This is our system for order management. If you collaborate with us on a regular basis, this is your dashboard, where you can easily request a quote, place your order, and keep track of your current assignments and budgets.

Gemino Secure File Transfer

This service enables you to send large amounts of data, quickly and securely, directly to the Gemino server. Naturally, files are encrypted. There’s no need to download or install any further software to use this service, all you need is a browser.

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Our classic FTP server for transferring large volumes of data. In order to use this service, you will need to install the relevant FTP client software on your computer.