Translation Portal
3 tools in a single interface

The new web app GeminoTP integrates three tools in a single interface. It helps our clients create small translations using machine translation quickly and easily in an environment compliant with data protection provisions. This functionality is supplemented with search results from the clients’ existing terminological databases and translation memories. In this way, all company employees can easily harness machine translation to translate their e-mails or to understand foreign-language communication, for example – without data protection risks for confidential material.

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Reviews with added value… are adding value

Too often, the review of translations by in-country experts is not directly integrated into the translation process. But their input is a great help in optimizing the target language content. WebReview allows translations to be checked in context in the browser. Changes, comments, or additions can be passed on directly to the translation teams as constructive feedback.

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Terminology management made easy

TermCloud makes it easy to try out, get started, stick with, and expand terminology management that is individually tailored to your requirements. Our database platform is modular and grows with your languages. Your employees can look up technical terms and company terminology directly in the browser – without personnel and training costs, without investments, without lock-in effects. Try it!

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Our evaluation expert

… evaluates target language quality. EVA# is a modular measuring and reporting system that provides an objective, cost-effective assessment of the quality of your translations based on key figures. It is integrated into your existing quality assurance concept as a supplementary module and shows you where the causes of systemic quality deficiencies may lie.

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Translation Management as a Service
As much or as little project management as you need

You outsource translations to one or more language service providers. Perhaps you translate some content in-house. But you lack the human resources and expertise to optimally manage multiple projects among in-house and external participants and continuously optimized processes. Our external project management team offers both and can manage your translation projects as a service, rather than translating in this case.

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Product name check
The check that prevents culture shocks

Our customers regularly come up with new names for their products in target markets. We have developed a system to analyze and evaluate product name candidates according to linguistic and cultural criteria for the respective territory. If you also regularly introduce new terms into different language markets and want to avoid the infamous Pajero effect, please call us.

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Small solutions to go

From time to time, we make relevant professional content available here for free download. We hope you find it useful.

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