Behind the string curtain: Gemino Managing Director Christian Schwendy at tekom

As well as the interesting presentations, the tekom annual conference also provides the perfect opportunity to discuss all things translation with Gemino’s Managing Director, Christian Schwendy.

“We’re looking forward to three intense days at this year’s conference and hope to use the time to hold in-depth conversations with our customers and others interested in our work.

For me, a particularly exciting part of our pitch this year is our new service EVA#. EVA# is a modular measurement system that allows us to analyze the quality of translations and rate them objectively on the basis of predefined parameters. So, EVA# helps to maintain a defined standard of quality in a transparent manner – and, by creating analysis reports, it offers precisely the kind of monitoring that our customers with high volumes of content for translation are asking for. I’m looking forward to productive discussions about our new service, which we’ll be presenting for the first time at tekom.

There’s one more reason why this year is special: we’re currently celebrating Gemino’s 25th birthday and have a special surprise for our guests”, said Christian Schwendy.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting, please get in touch with Christian Schwendy at

Re-joining the conversation with Gemino ‘behind the string curtain’