Technical communication

We have the tools and the resources.
And the right workflows for you.

You create technical content for your products, we translate it into more than 40 languages. Whether you create your documents manually in FrameMaker or Microsoft Word, or use content management systems (CMS) such as SCHEMA and Cosima.

Gemino also supports you along the way from document-based to CMS-based work. We set up all the necessary tool-based workflows and help you to plan and implement the migration of your existing translation data with as little loss as possible.

Services in technical communication


  • Preparation and optimization of master documents and content for translation
  • Proper processing of a wide variety of file formats or content from all common content management systems
  • Integration of content via CMS and PIM/MAM systems


  • Translation of technical content from various industries using cutting-edge tools and technology
  • Planning and implementation of in-country reviews by product experts (subject-matter experts) for the target markets / in the subsidiaries


  • Desktop publishing in strict compliance with corporate guidelines right through to the final document

Terminology & style

  • Creation and maintenance of terminology databases (terminology management) and tools to provide company-wide access to terminology
  • Creation or support for the creation of corporate language manuals and style guides

Smart workflows

  • Update workflows to save time and expense
  • UI workflow for consistent quotation of UI strings in the associated user documentation

Machine translation

  • Selection and training of MT engines as well as encoding of terminology
  • Machine translation including post-editing


  • Consulting on all process and technology-related issues
  • Evaluation, selection, and support for rollout of tools & software
  • Development and rollout of terminology processes

Monitoring & process documentation

  • Provision of an individual monitoring system for project status, quality, and budget
  • Quality measuring and reporting
  • Development and processing of specific workflows for content approval/release including management of the required documentation

Planning and optimization of workflows

If you want to plan, implement, change, or further develop your processes for multilingual technical content, we are your forward-thinking partner. You benefit from our know-how and many years of experience working for a wide range of companies.


  • Consultation regarding the development or optimization of workflows with the right mix of technology and human intelligence


  • Support for the best possible migration to new technological platforms and tools


  • Support with planning and implementing structural changes in the field of multilingual content


In multilingual companies, no one knows the local markets better than those who work in the respective countries. But these employees are rarely involved in translation processes. WebReview by Gemino makes it possible: with a browser-based application for reviewing and modifying translations directly in the final document and the possibility to create constructive feedback for the translators.

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Support with HR and technical infrastructure

Many companies do not have the resources to meet their translation needs themselves. Also, from a budget perspective, it isn’t always feasible to create new roles or invest in technical infrastructure.

If this is the case for you, let’s talk. With no strings attached. Because in addition to our classic translation services, we can also provide clients with just the right know-how, human resources, and state-of-the-art technical infrastructure. Tailored to your needs and requirements, and always in line with our values: transparency, flexibility, individuality.


  • Provision of an external project management team for translation projects
  • Setup of company-wide terminology management (minimal terminology management)
  • Management and maintenance of translation memories (TMs)
  • Independent quality measuring and reporting


  • Provision of requisite infrastructure for terminology management
  • Provision of requisite infrastructure for TM-supported translation
  • Provision of requisite infrastructure for internal crowdsourcing for translations

Interested in machine translation?
MT, NMT, post-editing, etc.

Are you interested in the possibility of using machine translation (MT) or neural machine translation (NMT)?

Feasibility and success of machine translation in your multilingual content workflows depend on many questions:

In which areas should machine translation be used? How structured or standardized are the texts and the source language used? What language combinations are needed? What is the size of your annual translation volume per target language? Which regulatory and quality requirements must be considered?

We will be happy to help you find out whether and in which areas the use of MT/NMT makes sense for you.