Software products in life sciences

There is a lot of know-how and passion in your software.
This quality should also show in the translated GUIs.

Do you want to make your software products available in different interface languages or are you obliged to do so due to regulatory requirements?

Gemino offers a full range of services from a single source for the localization of software. And that’s regardless of whether it’s the user interface of a medical device or lab equipment, a desktop or SaaS application, or an app.

We have the technical know-how and experience to directly and efficiently process UI content from all currently used development environments.

And if you want a little more, we can also work with you to set up a translation process to accompany your sprints or implement dynamic pluralization to optimize the user experience in the various target languages.

Services in UI/software localization


  • Consulting on internationalization and optimization of string resources for localization
  • Support for most formats and development environments currently in use


  • Translation and localization of software products (HMI, UI, web applications, apps, etc.)
  • Translation and revision using translation memory technology
  • Planning and implementation of reviews by your product experts for the target markets

Terminology & style

  • Tools to provide company-wide access to UI terminology

Smart workflows

  • UI workflows ensuring consistency in the associated user documentation
  • Handling of updates, agile localization (or accompanying sprints)


  • Provision of an individual monitoring and reporting system for project status, quality, and budget

Process documentation

  • If needed: Declarations of conformity for the target-language content


  • Consulting on internationalization and optimization of string resources for localization