Are you one of the best?
That’s a good start.

Maybe you don’t only have potential, but would also like to grow with your tasks and work on yourself.

That means you see changes as opportunities to learn something new. Moreover, you don’t see mistakes, especially inevitable ones, as signs of failure, but as chances for optimizing your work. For this, open-mindedness is required – which we believe in.

We also believe in working as a team. Strange as it might sound, this works best when everyone assumes personal responsibility and when the communication is clear, friendly, respectful, and objective – we know this from hands-on experience.

What we offer you is a place where you can work and continue to prosper – in a company that likes to grow, but doesn’t want to enforce expansion at all costs, and that strives to keep its ecological footprint small.

We don’t just reward our employees for their expertise and qualifications, their performance, motivation, team spirit, and diligence. We also want to give them something:

Trust. Every single day.

Here is a list of our current job openings:

The job offers on our website are updated regularly. The jobs listed here are therefore still vacant, and we look forward to suitable applications.


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