Memberships & cooperations

We don’t work in a bubble

Gemino doesn’t only respond to changes in our industry and in our customers’ markets, we also want to help shape things – through the best possible processes and high-quality translations. To do so, we have to look at the bigger picture and to the future. We achieve this by stepping out of the service-provider bubble and taking on the role of a pioneer: We have to know more than our clients.

We can only identify trends and adapt to technologic innovations and challenges through engagement in discussion and transfer of knowledge. In other words: Gemino doesn’t want to be carried away by the waves of globalization, digitalization and technological progress that are battering multilingualism. We want to catch those waves. Our cooperations and memberships help us do this.

European Language Industry Association (ELIA)

As the leading professional association of European language service providers, ELIA enables the success of its member companies through knowledge transfer and networking.

Gemino is a longstanding member of Elia and well connected within the organization. We value the discussions with other companies in the industry. Gemino CEO Christian Schwendy served on Elia’s Board for many years and is currently a member of its Advisory Council.

Hochschule Anhalt

Founded in 1991, this university of applied sciences offers degrees in translation and localization.

Through lectures as well as the supervision of bachelor’s and master’s theses, Gemino provides students with insights into the profession. Some of our employees are graduates.


memoQ is a leading provider of professional translation management systems (TMS).

Gemino specifically uses memoQ – in addition to other systems – for clients in the technology, life science and medical technology sectors. For this reason, there has been an intensive exchange with memoQ for decades on many topics related to the further development of the tool. Currently, we are a permanent member of the “memoQ Consultant Round Table” where we exchange ideas with other companies and experts who also provide advice regarding translation technology.


Quanos is the provider of the XML content management system SCHEMA ST4 – one of the leading tools used to create professional technical documentation.

Gemino has been continuously certified as a SCHEMA ST4 translation service provider for several years.

Tekom Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation e. V.

The professional association for technical communication tekom, based in Stuttgart, Germany, is the world’s largest in this field.

Gemino has been a tekom member for many years and participates in the tekom annual conferences as an exhibiting company and by making technical presentations.