Gemino: one of Western Europe’s 30 largest language service providers

Or: The advantages of independence

The independent CSA Research institute has concluded its report for 2022. Gemino is delighted to once again be listed as one of the 30 largest LSPs in Western Europe.

If you look at the CSA rankings over the past few years, it’s easy to see the trends in the language services industry: A few very large providers are growing strongly through mergers and acquisitions. Things are thinning out in the midfield.

We see the fact that we at Gemino are not subject to any strong pressure to grow or the return expectations of investors as an opportunity. This allows us to focus continuously on sustainable development and to provide all services related to multilingual content individually, flexibly, and at a consistently high level for each of our clients.

Gemino is experiencing organic annual growth of 20-25%, achieved through increasing order volumes from our existing clients, referrals and targeting of suitable companies.

If you would like to find out whether Gemino also fits your multilingual requirements, please feel free to contact us.