ISO 9001 and ISO 17100: top feedback for Gemino twice in a row

At the beginning of the year, two auditors visited our company. They thoroughly reviewed our quality and general business processes and, in doing so, interviewed the responsible colleagues in detail. The gratifying result: no complaints – and a lot of praise for our processes that have been in place for years.

Therefore, we are now certified by DEKRA to the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards (the latter already since 2018 by LICS®/Austrian Standards). The certification will be reviewed annually, and a complete recertification will take place every three years.

ISO 9001 is the predominant quality standard worldwide: it is applicable to quality management systems in any industry and thus allows us to be more closely linked to our clients’ processes.

ISO 17100 is our industry standard as it specifically governs the processes for translation services. It establishes general requirements such as revision by another pair of eyes or regarding the qualifications of translators.

ISO 9001 Certificate Gemino GmbH

ISO 17100 Certificate Gemino GmbH