“Reviewing made easy” – Gemino develops WebReview

Many translation managers are familiar with this question: What’s the best way of integrating the in-country experts into the review process? The review of a translation is an important quality assurance process that improves the translation by incorporating valuable feedback. The problem is that change requests are frequently received as uncoordinated PDF comments – or even on handwritten notes. This is why many translation managers decide not to work with expert reviews. It is simply too difficult to integrate the experts into the process, particularly because they are unfamiliar with the tools used in the translation industry.

Gemino is working on a solution: WebReview. Gemino presented a beta version of its WebReview software to its visitors at the company’s tekom 2016 exhibition stand. WebReview is a browser-based application that enables translations to be checked and corrected within the layout context of the final PDF. The intuitive user interface makes the software easy to use without training or installation, even for non-linguists. The application supports the user by offering reference materials and suggestions. The user interface adapts to the user’s preferences and can, for example, display the source language or another reference language side-by-side with the translation in its final layout. Changes, additions and comments can be entered in the browser window and sent directly to the translation team. Another feature currently in development is the context-specific approval of terminology.

Web Review Screenshot
Reviewing within the final layout using the browser-based application WebReview

Thanks to the XLIFF 1.2 interface, WebReview will be the first application to offer a seamless integration of layout-based reviewing into the translation processes – available for virtually all file formats. Changes will – with or without cross-checking – be updated in the translation and terminological databases. This makes it easy to incorporate the review feedback into future projects.

WebReview is currently in a beta testing stage. Gemino is planning to conduct pilot projects with clients in 2017. Further information is available at webreview.cloud.