Strategy in the anniversary year 2018

This year our Berlin team met for the traditional ‘strategy day’ in the inspiring atmosphere of St. Oberholz in Berlin-Mitte, just a few minutes’ walk from our office. It may only be a minor change of location, but this was important to give grand ideas and thoughts more free space than is possible in the traditional office workplace.

Conceptually-speaking, everyone in their work area should be inspired by colleagues from other areas who have a fresh and unblinkered view, unaffected by entrenched work routines. That’s why partner managers, quality experts, engineers and sales colleagues came together for this interdisciplinary brainstorming session and to reflect on 2017 with our managing director Christian Schwendy as well as to develop ideas for the coming years.

Our main topics were transparency, security and efficiency. As we are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, the development of the company over the past quarter of a century was also a topic. And, since our sector is transforming and that we are helping to shape this transformation, so was our positioning for the next 25 years.