Messung|Reporting von zielsprachlicher Qualität

We make translation quality evaluable

Multiple markets usually mean multiple languages, along with a need for corresponding translation quality. The higher the quality, the more complex it becomes. For the whole enterprise to be cost-effective, you need certainty that the intended results are achieved. This can best be assessed by an objective evaluation of the target language quality.

That’s why Gemino has added EVA# to its portfolio – a modular language service for measuring and reporting target language quality. As an independent partner, Gemino provides analysis reports based on defined key figures and targets that correspond to the client’s individual requirements. Because only what can be measured can be evaluated.

The benefits of using EVA#

The evaluation allows the progression of costs and quality to be monitored and assessed over time and in relation to the translation results – to meet corporate or regulatory requirements, for example. The reports can be used for monitoring/reporting or included as an additional component in a quality assurance step in the project flow. The findings on which the measured values are based are clearly documented and traceable. In the event of any systemic quality defects, the content can be returned to quality assurance and a root cause analysis carried out.

How it works

We carry out an initial analysis to determine the desired measurement variables and modules, such as the frequency of checks and sample size as well as thresholds used for the visualization of the results. Checks and process data are built up to create a profile that allows for  an objective quality assessment. Gemino performs continual measuring of the quality of delivered translations in the agreed scope as an external partner.

Example: visualization of measurement results
The threshold for compliant quality is 90 %

What do we need from you?

We need about 45 minutes of your time for the initial analysis. During this step, key figures are determined and the module combination is selected. Then Gemino takes over. The costs range from 1.5 % to 14 % of the monthly translation costs.*

* Based on average industry rates

Service download

Here you can download the EVA# flyer as a PDF file.
It contains the most important key data on our EVA# service range.

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