25 years of Gemino

In 2018, we will be celebrating the company’s 25th anniversary.

Gemino was formed in 1993 as a two-man operation when its founders, Stephan Bettzieche and Christian Schwendy, received their first assignment: to translate the FrameMaker software for the German-speaking market. 25 years and many millions of translated words later, Gemino is now one of the top 35 language service providers in Western Europe and has around 45 employees and two offices. For Stephan Bettzieche and Christian Schwendy, founders and managing directors of Gemino, it has always been important that the company grows organically and that personalized client support takes center stage.

However, client relations isn’t the only area where being personal matters – it also determines the way we relate to our employees. Many of them have been with us for over ten years and some have been on board since we were founded. And some of Gemino’s clients have remained loyal for at least 25 years as well.

This continuity goes hand in hand with adaptability and a thirst for innovation. Over the years, we have tapped into new kinds of technologies and services, which has enabled us to help set the course of our ever-changing sector. We therefore want to use this anniversary year as a time for looking back at and celebrating the successes of the last 25 years. At the same time, we are still looking ahead relentlessly to the multitude of new opportunities and benefits on the horizon. These innovations will enable us to provide even better support to our clients as we help them to use multilingualism in a way that is profitable and forward-looking.

Hence, we would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank-you to our clients. These 25 successful years would not have been possible without their loyalty.