Guide to your in-country review

Gemino provides you with a universal foundation as a guide for your in-country review.

Frequently our clients get expert feedback regarding our translations from their in-country subsidiaries, for example from local product or marketing managers who are particularly familiar with the target markets.

This feedback is important. However, the review process is always a challenge. Especially when the feedback is comprehensive or it contradicts specifications and concepts that have already been made. This results in high additional expenditure for all parties involved. This must be avoided and the process should be as efficient as possible.

For this reason, we create individual review concepts with our clients to fit their processes. One part is our review guide, which we provide you with here in the universal basic version.

Our guide will help you improve the review process by directly addressing the experts from the relevant countries. The context of the translation will be explained to them and they will be provided with a summary of what should be taken into account when reading.

This link will take you to the free download of our customizable guide for your in-country review.

We will also be taking it one step further soon with WebReview. WebReview is an application in which translations can be checked and corrected directly in the layout, and it simply runs in your browser. This simplifies the review for non-linguists – and yet everything is seamlessly embedded into the translation process. You can find out more about WebReview at