Over 60 % shorter turnaround time for Carl Zeiss Microscopy marketing translations

Those responsible for global marketing often face the challenge of providing creative marketing content to the target markets as quickly as possible after it has been created. In doing so, they have to reconcile the following objectives:

  • creative and free texts that do not sound translated,
  • reliable tool-based processes,
  • 100 % conformity between source and target content.

At Carl Zeiss Microscopy, we were not only able to considerably shorten turnaround time, but also to significantly improve the quality and consistency across documents.

Which changes did we make? Without giving too much away: the greatest potential for shorter turnaround time did not lie in the net translation time (translation/revision in accordance with ISO 17100).

If you would like to find out what exactly we did in order to reduce turnaround time by more than 60 %, read our Success Story. You can download it here.