Interpreting without traveling long distances

COVID-19 currently affects almost all areas of our daily life, not least the way we work. Since the introduction of contact restrictions by the German government, at the latest, many people have switched to working from home and now carry out their tasks from a distance using the appropriate tools.

In the translation industry, this digital transformation has been going on for some time and most translators rely on digital tools to assist them in their work. Now, this transformation is reaching one of the few services in our industry that remained mostly “analogue”: interpreting.

Even before COVID-19, meetings, conferences and presentations were increasingly virtual, especially on an international level. Now the crisis is accelerating this trend, and with it the spread of distance interpreting. This form of interpreting offers significant advantages, not only in the context of continuing contact restrictions: with distance interpreting, the planning effort and costs for multilingual events are considerably lower than for on-site interpreting.

In distance interpreting, Gemino is your competent partner, as in all interpreting matters. Our interpreters will support you at all times in your multilingual meetings and discussions – even from a distance. They use all the usual platforms such as Skype, Zoom or Teams that you may use for meetings or, if necessary, they will use alternative solutions such as interpreting hubs – independent booths which can be integrated with certain video conferencing solutions and provide a particularly secure and stable Internet connection.

Please feel free to contact us – we will be happy to advise you which solution is the most suitable for your specific meeting.