What’s going on behind the curtain?

This year, we attended the tekom conference as exhibitors for the fourth time in a row. And just as in previous years, attendees who weren’t yet familiar with our booth cast a lot of curious glances our way! Why? Because we once again invited thought-provoking visitors to join us for pre-arranged, individual discussions on current specialist subjects behind our “mysterious” string curtain.

Fortunately, however, the curtain was the only thing at our booth that wasn’t transparent. Among other things, we had the opportunity to explain the current state of machine translation using neural networks, and why it’s not always a profitable option yet. We also discussed intelligent workflows for translating and adapting marketing content and talked about the special requirements and expectations of localization in Asian markets. The topic of terminology management, too, came up again and again – because it’s an important consideration that isn’t yet consistently applied in practice. Thesauruses, ontologies and related topics were also on the agenda.

And it wasn’t just our visitors who gained new insights and ideas from these discussions – we also learned a lot ourselves. For that reason, we’d like to extent our wholehearted thanks to everyone who visited our booth. It’s always exciting and inspiring to see what the current challenges and issues for companies across a wide range of different fields are – and what the potential solutions to those problems might be.

15 Studierende und Herr Prof. Dr. Carlos Melches von der Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal am Stand von Gemino

We also want to thank Prof. Dr. Carlos Melches from the Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences. He and a delegation of about 15 students found their way behind our curtain to ask for up-to-date information on Gemino’s many fields of work. With four graduates from Magdeburg already working in various departments at Gemino, we were very happy to oblige! Some of the Magdeburg graduates have been with us for many years. Their continued interest may be a result of Gemino’s efforts to provide opportunities for up-and-coming professionals – but that has nothing to do with opaque curtains.